Contactless Touch

Prevent the Spread of Germs in Public Spaces

Why Go With Contactless Touch?

Versatility and Performance

No Contact

0% Contact

With our Touch Sensor Module, there is no physical contact with any display or surface that might contain pathogens.


A Familiar Interface

No need to rebuild - work with your existing GUI when enabling in-air touch interaction.


Keep the Gloves On!

Stay safe while enabling stable touch interaction using gloves or other types of inputs.

Ready for integration

Ready for Integration

Our Touch Sensor Modules can work as touch HID devices over USB or I2C, giving integrators a fast out of the box experience.

Variations of Contactless Touch made possible by the Neonode Touch Sensor Module.

zForce® Optical Touch Technology

More Than Meets The Eye

Sensor Components

The Neonode Touch Sensor Module is a laser light-based touch sensor based on light reflections that can be integrated and used in various applications.


The Touch Sensor Modules identify and trace objects by detecting reflected infrared light.


An object present in the active area will affect several receiver channels, and the reported x/y coordinates are the result of a center of gravity calculation on these signals.

The touch active area is determined by the sensor’s lenght and can be configured through firmware for standard or extended range.

Download Extended Range Firmware

Application Examples

Integrate Contactless Touch to Your System

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