Live Webinar

Thursday, March 11 | 12:00 EST | 09:00 PST

Live Webinar  - Three Easy Steps Towards Contactless Touch Interaction

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Learn how to implement germ-free contactless parallel plane and holographic touch for kiosks, elevators, ATMs, hotel & airport check-in & other HMI platforms.

There is a new awareness toward providing a safe HMI experience for customers and employees while maintaining a thriving business in the midsts of the pandemic. As a result, many private businesses and public institutions are actively searching for quick, effective and economical solutions.

This must-see webinar will show you in three easy steps how Neonode and their technology partners design and retrofit germ-free interactive Parallel Plane and Holographic Contactless Touch Solutions into kiosk displays, elevator control panels and other touchscreens and control systems.

1. Work with our Evaluation Kits, SDK and Support Engineers to design for touchless.

2. Choose either a Parallel Plane Touch or Holographic Touch

3. Set up your own in-house team or use our value-add partners to implement your solution.

What You Will Learn:

• How established players with a quick turnaround have implemented Neonode’s contactless touch solutions into interactive kiosks and elevators.

• Design Parallel Plane Touch and Holographic Touch solutions in elevators, kiosks, hospital, airport & hotel check-in systems, ATMs and more!

• Identify key suppliers and products that are optimized to work together.

• Fast-track prototyping and manufacturing for a quick time-to-market.

Who Should Attend

• Corporate Management

• Product Developers

• Engineering Managers

• HW/SW Engineers

• Systems Integrators

• Analysts & Consultants


Johan Swartz

VP HMI Products

Joseph Shain

IP and Marketing

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Josefin Johansson

Engineering Support

Customer Implementations

Innovative Ways of Implementation